a floresta explica




  • The Forest Explains is the first-ever feature-length Syntropic Documentary
  • We’re dedicated to platforming the crisis-averting, Earth-healing solutions of Indigenous wisdom
  • Filmed in 5 countries, we’re entirely self-funded and independent

All species have their roles,
including ourselves...


In March 2023 we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 for our post-production. This money will go directly into funding the editing, animation, narration, crowdfunding and distribution of the film and online course.

We have filmed in collaboration with the Baniwa tribe of Brazil’s western Amazonian rainforest, with the Kiriri tribe of Bahia, with Princeton scientists & Italian sociologists, and successional agroforesters across the globe.

We have personally invested over $100,000 over a period of 5 years, amassing hundreds of hours of breathtaking and utterly unique footage.


This documentary is about how successional agroforesters from Brazil to Australia have employed the most advanced form of agriculture available to us, growing food profitably through biodiversity instead of chemical fertilisers.

  • How can we work as and with Nature instead of working against Nature?
  • How can we earn an income and grow food whilst regenerating our degraded planetary home?
  • How can we feel order, purpose and belonging in a time of climate catastrophe and chaos?

The Forest Explains something that indigenous wisdom and western physics can both confirm: that we belong within a much larger, much more intelligent system of Life, and if we humble ourselves to work within that larger system, we can create harmony, healing, and abundance, from our food system all the way to the planet.

This is not a film that proposes big ideas without grounding them in reality. We show firsthand how syntropy is changing peoples’ lives at a grassroots level: from landless mothers feeding their peasant families outside of Brasilia, to middle-class Australian couples pioneering regenerative farm businesses in Byron Bay.

What is... 'Syntropy'?

Syntropy is a mathematical solution to the enigmatic equation at the heart of western physics: e=mc2

Discovered by Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappie in 1941, it describes the flow of energy in living systems as a ‘pull’ of converging energy through time and space.

What does this mean to me?

If we listen closely to the living systems that we tend, in our forests and in our own hearts, then we can align with the ‘pull’ of abundance through time and space.

So what deep, inner ‘pull’ are you feeling right now?


This project is more than a simple one-off documentary film. 

Off the back of our film release, we will be launching an online course that week-by-week delves deeper into the psychological shift of The Forest Explains, through live Zoom calls with expert panels, exclusive interviews, and embodiment integration exercises. We have show much content to share with you!

This is a unique chance to journey from the entropic mindset of our industrial society to the syntropic embodiment of our ecological home, step-by-step in collaboration with peers in a transformational learning experience.